While most back glass replacements can be done at home, there are a few steps that may be different for each model. We have our own in-house video shown above on how to replace the backglass for a Samsung Galaxy S7, but to make sure your repair is a quick and easy one we're going to share the best possible back glass replacement installation instruction videos with you below! Just click your respective phone model on the list below and it will take you to a video guiding you through the repair process.

Samsung Galaxy Back Glass Replacement Repair Videos

Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement Videos

Some models like the Samsung Galaxy S4 S5, Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge are very simple, as the battery door cover for these respective entires in the Galaxy series are a plastic piece that just pops off the back, and the battery can easily be inserted from there on. From the Galaxy S6 moving forward, as well as the Note 5 and newer models from there, you have to remove the adhered backglass and actually connect the battery to the phone normally via a flex cable. Below are a list of battery replacement videos to help ease this process.

Apple iPhone Back Glass Replacement Repair Videos
iPhone back glass replacement is a different repair process compared to Samsung Galaxy devices. Below is a list of videos showing you how to remove and replace the back glass for your respective iPhone model!
iPhone Back Glass Replacement 


Apple iPhone LCD Replacement Repair Videos

Another repair that can be done at home is replacing the front LCD touch screen for your iPhone. To help ensure your phone is completely repaired and functional, please view one of the videos below for your respective iPhone model!

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement Videos

Replacing the battery for your iPhone is a very similar procedure to replacing the LCD touch screen, but actually involves a few less steps. Find your model in the list below and click the link to view a video that will help guide you in reviving your phones battery life!

Apple iPhone Housing Replacement Videos

Replacing the entire rear housing mid frame is a very difficult repair and should only be done by trained repair technicians or certified repair professionals.


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