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Q: “I just received my phone back and this isn’t glass, it’s just a piece of plastic. What gives?”

A: Yes and no. This is a very common misconception on what rear glass for cellular devices really is. When people think “glass”, they think of clear, rigid, fragile glass used in everyday life such as glass cups, windows, tables, and many other appliances and applications. You get it, the list goes on.

“Back glass” for today's cell phones is not just pure glass. It is a plastic battery door cover with an extremely thin coating of glass on the back added for stability and style. If you were to break one of these products, you would see the glass actually shatter.

This is because for the phone to absorb any potential impact, it’s best that the back cover is a combination of both plastic and glass. If your phone back was made of strict glass both inside and outside for the battery door cover, any impact from dropping or even too much pressure in your pocket would cause extremely severe shattering, and possible puncturing of the battery, which we shouldn’t have to tell you is very, very dangerous. Hence why the “glass” portion of the back is a very thin coating on the outside portion that is covering a plastic piece.

This isn’t just with our OEM replacement products. This is how rear glass is on all devices right out of the box when purchased brand new, for all Galaxy and iPhone devices. If you removed the back glass from one of these devices fresh out of a mobile store and compared it to our product, you would see that what is thought of as a “flimsy plastic piece” is actually the very same product.

We hope this gives a better insight as to what “back glass” really is!


Q: “I just installed my new back glass and it cracked already. What’s up with that?”

A: While this isn’t a very common case, you won’t be shocked as to why this happens.

You’re likely replacing the back glass on your device because the original one that came on it was damaged. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may have not just broken the battery door cover of your phone, but may have dented the surrounding frame of it as well.

Trying to install a new back cover on a frame that isn’t the same symmetrical shape as it was right out of the box is going to cause the replacement back glass to not sit flush, and likely crack. During the repair, some may try and “force” the back glass to adhere to this damaged, misshaped frame, causing the glass to break somewhere in the process. We highly recommend making sure your frame isn’t bent in anyway before installing a new back glass, or else it will end up cracked during the installation process.

Q: “I just received my back glass and it’s already cracked right out of the box!”

A: We quality check every back glass before sending it out to make sure the adhesive isn’t compromised and that there are no cracks or shatters before we send out our products. That being said, once we ship it out, it is in the hands of many different people in between our warehouse and your hands. These people are humans, ones that handle many packages on a daily basis, so it’s possible somewhere along the line the package was tossed around, causing the product to be damaged before it gets to your hands.

We’re not going to entirely blame shipping carriers. We’re human too, and while we try to prevent them entirely, mistakes can be made! If your product arrived damaged in anyway before installation, please email us @support@icell4less.com, provide your order number, and we will assist you to the best of our ability in solving any issues you may encounter!

While we’re always happy to answer any questions directly from our email, if you happen to have any issues with an order that you may have placed in a different marketplace (i.e Amazon or eBay) then you will have to contact us through that particular marketplace for us to proceed with any support regarding those orders, per those store policies.

While you have that damaged back glass in your hand, feel free to examine it and see for yourself if it’s really “glass or plastic”!

Q: “I just ordered a back glass for my Galaxy phone, but I’ve never replaced one before. Any tips?”

A: Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy S6 and all the way up to the S9, Note 5, Note 8 and Note 9 models, all follow almost the exact same procedure for removing the old battery door cover and installing a new one. It’s a very easy process that can be done by anyone at home, we have a video made to show this process!


Q: “What about about replacing the back glass for my iPhone??”

A: While iPhone back glass replacements is still doable, it is much more labor intensive and complicated compared to Galaxy devices, as the adhesive isn’t just on the surrounding edges, it is completely adhered to the metal mid-frame, requiring much more time and work to efficiently remove every piece of the back glass before installing a new one. It’s not impossible, but it’s far from easy. There are some handy videos out there if you decide to take on this repair yourself, but we always recommend consulting with a local repair specialist on this one.

An alternative for this is to purchase one of our iPhone Rear Housing Midframes. Though unlike back glass repairs, this is not a repair for novices and definitely should be done by someone with extensive experience in mobile device repair, or a certified trained technician. Most technicians will agree that although the price is much higher, replacing the entire housing can be much quicker and more effective than just replacing the back glass itself.

Q: “I got the back glass off of my iPhone, but the camera slot on my replacement rear glass is too small to fit over the camera!”

A: Our back glass is an OEM replacement part that has the correct size opening for the camera frame. It is designed for the camera lens to be removed from the front of the iPhone by removing the LCD screen after the old rear glass is removed, and installed around the new one prior to replacement. This is the correct method for installation to create the perfect fit and seal around the camera frame. There are repair videos showing this procedure online. You may see videos where other replacement back glass products fit right over the camera, but this does not provide the frame with the same surrounding seal that your phone had when it was brand new. If you’d like to eliminate some of these steps entirely, we offer iPhone back glass with the camera lens pre-installed, which will still require removing the camera but not having to reassemble it, as well as the aforementioned Rear Housing Midframes!

Q: “What are your shipping times and rates like?”

A: See our shipping rates and times page HERE

Q: “I run a repair shop. Do you guys provide wholesale pricing if I order in bulk?”

A: As a matter of fact we do!  Save 20% off at a minimum when signing up for a wholesale account. Businesses only and NO minimum purchase required. Sign up for a wholesale account  HERE
Q: "How do I return an item?"
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